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Style and Colour at House of Rush Piccadilly

A few months ago I was bang slap in the middle of the whole cancer fear (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but if you're not a regular reader and your curiosity is piqued, have a look at this post here) that completely consumed me and turned me into a bit of a depressive; everything was bleak and black and I was convinced I was about to leave Teddy without a mum.  All very dramatic and thankfully unnecessary, but during that time I visite[...]


Headmasters Hair Trends SS14

A few weeks ago I visited the Soho Headmasters salon to have a hair update with the lovely Ollie who ran through this seasons hair trends.  Thankfully it's all rather easy to wear and nothing too out there, with the most popular length being the mid-length bob and one of the key finishes is a very light, easy texture half way between wavy and straight, which is extremely easy to create either by letting your hair dry naturally with a bit of a scrunch[...]