Tam Beauty Haul from Freedom Makeup and Makeup Revolution

Every few months I like to treat myself to a Makeup Revolution haul, mostly because I don't think I have enough make-up and I feel it's my moral responsibility to address this...Being the queen of self-enabling, I saw that all the Tam Beauty brands had merged together on one site - making it a lot easier to order your favourites across the Tam Beauty brands such as Makeup Revolution and Freedom - so I thought I should buy a few bits to make for a[...]


Boots #LetsFeelLikeNew Haul

The latest Boots campaign is designed to encourage us to embrace the excitement we get from a new beauty product.  As a hardcore beauty obsessive, I know this feeling all too well and after almost 4 years of blogging, I still get it nearly every day.  A good day for me is when I have lots of make-up to sit down and play with and as there are sooo many new launches at the moment, I'm in my element! Last week I was taken to visit the Boots[...]