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Homedics TotalClean Desktop Air Purifier

Homedics TotalClean Desktop Air Purifier

*PR Sample*  My son and I both really struggle with allergies, and ever since we moved home a couple of years ago, our allergies have got so much worse, so I rely heavily on the aid of air purifiers and I currently have four - not even kidding.  I have a lovely big one for my living room (the Homedics True HEPA Tower - I've had it for years and it's still going strong), one for each bedroom and a spare for backup.  I always make sure the very[...]

A Detailed Review of Gousto Recipe Boxes

*Affiliate link at the bottom of post* I decided in January to make a really conscious effort to try and eat more plant-based (following a Flexitarian approach, as my son and I still need our Saturday night McDonalds...) as I have done a lot of research which suggests that a plant-based diet is a generally much healthier approach to optimum nutrition.  With that in mind, I decided to look into recipe boxes with the hope that they would introduce m[...]

Scrummies Healthy Snacks for Kids (Review and Competition)

The one thing that has surprised me most about having a child is just how much Teddy eats; I find it genuinely boggling as he literally gets home from nursery, starts eating, then pretty much doesn't stop until he goes to bed.  He's also now on the same portion size as me when we have our main meals, but he then has several snacks throughout the day on top, so he actually eats more than me on any given day.  You think this would result in child[...]

Abel & Cole Weekly Fruit and Veg Boxes

I always said that when I moved home (a year ago today!) that I would start doing a few more home and food posts, but last year was such a nightmare that it didn't transpire.  That's all a'changin' this year as I've feel like I've finally found my footing.  I've also developed a real joy for cooking and putting together healthy meals for Teddy and I, which leads me nicely to my Able & Cole obsession... When I first heard about Abel &a[...]

12 Gifts of Christmas: Fitbit Charge HR

Today's gift is a bit different to the usual beauty booty, but still a strong feature in my list of gifts that I'd want to receive as I don't leave the house without mine - I give you, the Fitbit Charge HR, a fitness tracking device that you'll find yourself quickly becoming obsessed with once you strap it on and check the app. I don't think I've met anyone who hasn't loved their Fitbit, so this is the sort of gift that would suit pretty much anyo[...]

Health Hacks: Fushi Evening Primrose Oil

Touch wood, my skin seems to be finally on the up.  It's still a little dry-leaning (I had a facial last week that made the world of difference and pushed in lots of moisture) and there are still spots, but I'd say it's mostly looking and feeling better - I'll share my current skincare loves with you soon. I have worked out recently that my spots are a consequence of a few different variants, which is why just skincare or just dietary changes[...]


Health Hacks: Savse Smoothies

One of my many (many, many...) diet downfalls is the lack of fruit and veg I include.  Interestingly, I do actually like pretty much all fruit and most veg, but for some reason I've never been good at including it in my choices on a daily basis.  A few weeks ago I saw an Instagram picture of a green smoothie and decided to go on a hunt for something similar that I could start consuming regularly with the hope that it would boost my chances at re[...]

Health Hacks: Viridian 100% Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to visit Paris on a press trip with a few other bloggers, one of whom was the infamous skincare guru, Mrs Hirons. At lunch we were seated next to each other, so I did what anyone granted a few minutes alone with Caroline would do and asked her about skincare; specially, how to care for my extremely tricky skin, which at the time was severely dehydrated as well as spotty.  The first thing she asked was whether[...]

Healthy New Me…Ish and Health Hacks

The whole cervical drama a few months ago really shook me up and made me realise how important it is for me to be around for Teddy as long as possible so I can nag him and look down on his girlfriends.  When I realised I was preggers with Teddy, I quit smoking and drinking; I'm still fag-free (630 days now, not that I'm counting) and I've had 2 drinks since having Teddy over a year ago, so in that regard I'm much healthier.  However, being a s[...]