The Nutribullet has a cult following which probably seems a little strange to the uninitiated, as on first appearances it's just basically a bullet shaped blender; this is true, but the main reason I think so many people love their Nutribullet is because it's a clever idea that's been really well executed. We all know we need to get as much goodness into our bodies as possible every day, to ensure we look and feel our very best.  However,[...]

Mole Mapping at the Cadogan Clinic, London

Since last years drama with not one, but two Cancer scares, I've become a lot more conscious of all the things I should be doing to keep anything scary and Cancer-like at bay, with a very good example of this being getting my moles checked.  I have a lot of moles, all over my body, in all shapes and sizes.  Some are flat, some are raised, some are huge and lumpy and scary looking which are the ones I was keen to investigate.  I made an appointm[...]


Health Hacks: Plenish Cold Pressed Juices

I'm still trying really hard to improve my health through my diet by adding in lots of good stuff and eating less of the bad stuff - I still have my takeaway treats, I still eat cake whenever I fancy it, but I'm eating more wholegrains, fruit, veg and less bad fat.  I've started steaming food in an awesome steamer I picked up on eBay (more on that in another post) and I try to start my day with some seeded, wholegrain bread and a juice.  Consequ[...]

Off-Topic: The Awesome NHS

Just over 15 months ago I was having my son at the Whittington Hospital in North London.  It was a bit of a traumatic experience (I wrote about it here) but on the 7th November 2013, I was being genuinely and tenderly cared for by a big group of strangers, all of whom were truly invested in trying to ease the nightmare experience I was having.  I think there were around 10 people in the room if I recall correctly - a mixture of Doctors and Nurse[...]

Off-Topic: Finding a Lump in My Breast

I frickin' kid you not, just a few short weeks after normality started to regain its hold on my life after the cervical cancer scare drama, I find a lump in my left breast.  It's funny that I just randomly decided to have a smear and found problems (you can read about the initial diagnosis here and the follow-up treatment experience here) and then recently I randomly started to do regular breast checks and found a lump.  I like to see this as[...]

Off-Topic: LLETZ Procedure – One Month On

  Sorry to keep banging on about this as I can imagine that for those who have never had any issues with such things, these posts make for pretty boring reading, but I really wanted to write a few comprehensive posts on my overall experience as I found the whole experience so utterly overwhelming that I'm hoping these posts might prove useful to some.  So! To summarise, I had a smear test which came back with results showing abnormal cells,[...]