Zelens Extreme Velvet Lipsticks

I think I've said it already, but I am pretty much completely over the ultra-matte lip; that tight, chalky feeling - it feels like if you smile your lips might crack - is just something I can't be bothered with.  Thankfully, this year has seen the arrival of the new matte; a matte finish that's still got a bit of give and feels comfortable on the lips.  The Zelens Extreme Velvet Lipsticks are a great example of how to do a matte lip without all[...]


Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour – New Shades

This month sees the arrival of seven new shades being added to the extremely popular Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color collection.  The existing 34 shades consist of some extremely pretty colours with some lovely pinks; there's a shade called 60's Pink that I need in my life! The Creme Smooth Lip Colors give you the best of both worlds when it comes to lipstick; you get a strong colour payoff in a buttery formula that's designed to last[...]


Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Sheer Lip Colors

Now we come to my favourites from the Bobbi Brown Hot Collection, which are the Sheer Lip Colors.  I mentioned in my intro post here that I hadn't tried any of the existing Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colors which is very strange considering just how much I love both Bobbi Brown and balmy lip products, but there you go!  In all the pictures it's from left to right, Pink, Orange and Berry.   As expected, the three shades from the Hot Co[...]


Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipsticks

I've been having a sort through my mountain of photo files and I realised I hadn't posted about the Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipsticks, which is a travesty as these are a new range of hydrating, juicy lipsticks in Spring-themed colours with an SPF of 15, so you need to know about them!! I attended the Avon press day last year and these were the launches that stood out for me as I love a hydrating lip product in any shape or form, but pu[...]

Bespoke Lipstick Service with Cosmetics A La Carte

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Cosmetics a La Carte in Knightsbridge to have a mixing session to create my perfect lipstick.  It was such a fun experience - I then went for a facial afterwards so talk about a great day all round! The Cosmetics a La Carte Bespoke Lipstick service involves literally mixing up various colours and finishes to create your perfect shade in your preferred format.  I brought along some of my favou[...]


B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colour in Alecia and Prom

B. launched in Superdrug to considerable fanfare due to innovative formulas and well edited colours that punched far above their mid-range price point.  I missed out on the B. love due to my lack of local access to Superdrug, so I've only really had a chance to experience the brand quite recently.  I was sent a lovely bag of goodies which included two of the B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colours and I have to say, even though I acknowledged them a[...]


Cargo Matte Top Coat – a Lipstick Mattifier!

It's just past 10pm and I should be tucking in to an episode of The Good Wife whilst dozing off, but instead I had to share this with you as I'm scared I'll forget all about it tomorrow.  Soon to arrive in the UK is the Cargo Matte Top Coat which is a matte, clear product that goes over shiny or satin-finish lipsticks to make them matte.  Is that not the most fantastic idea? So rather than buying a load of matte lipsticks, just buy this and ra[...]


No7 Match-Made Lips: Calico Corals

"Calico Corals" has a bit of a band-name-style ring to it, don't you think? Time for my second instalment looking at the Calico (palest) shades from the new and very exciting Boots No7 Match-Made Lipstick service.  As I mentioned in my post on the Pinks here, the shades are all a bit confusing and you might not find certain shades in the right umbrella groups.  For example, to me, a shade called "Blushing Tulip" sounds like it should be in the P[...]


No7 Match Made Lips: Calico Pinks

Over the past  few weeks I've been having a play with the majority of the Calico shades from the new No7 Match Made Lipstick Service, which you can read more about here.  Calico is the palest foundation shade available, so if you're pale then these are the shades that the Match Made service have declared most suited to our shade of complexion.  There are 19 Calico shades in total, and I have 16 of them, so I thought it would make sense to break[...]


Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Creamy Matte Lip Colors

The newest Bobbi Brown launch is the Smokey Nudes collection, which, as the name suggests, is a collection of nude shades with a smokey finish - a lovely, easy-to-wear collection that will please those of use who always favour a nude eye but wouldn't mind sexing it up a bit.  One of my favourite looks of all time is the nude smokey eye (it was always what I went for on nights out - back in the day when I had a social life and didn't deem a night[...]


New Maybelline Lip Launches

Last week I was perusing the Maybelline counter at my local Boots when I noticed a flurry of new lip launches that got me extremely excited. Pencils! Lipglosses! Tinted Lipbalms! Yet I thought to myself "You have more than enough lip products.  Put the matte fuchsia pencil down and back away from the stand", which I promptly did and felt extremely pleased with myself.  Then I returned two days later and bought five things.  Five beautiful thin[...]