make-up brushes


Nanshy Flat Top Brush and Blending Eye Shadow Brush

I do love a good make-up brush and I'm always keen to try new brands.  I'd never heard of Nanshy before so I jumped at the chance to try something from their line of affordable make-up brushes.  I was sent two to try; the Flat Top Brush and the Blending Eye Shadow Brush.  The Nanshy line is a relatively comprehensive line of brushes and brush sets that are very well priced considering how well made they are.  It's worth noting that their websi[...]

Japonesque BB/CC Cream Brush

Think back a few years when BB Creams arrived and we all went mad for them; then came CC Creams and, rather predictably, we have DD Creams on the way, so it was only a matter of time before a brush was designed to be specifically used with these types of foundations...cue Japonesque who have launched their BB/CC Cream Brush.  The cynic in my head has her head cocked to the side wearing a disapproving expression whilst holding a neon sign with the wor[...]


MOXI Make-Up Brushes

Anyone who loves a good make-up brush will be extremely excited to hear that there's a new make-up brush brand in town, and it's really rather good.  The MOXI Make-up Brush range is reasonably priced, easy to use and sold as professional brushes at affordable prices.   The small but perfectly formed range of brushes that currently make-up the full MOXI brush brand consist of five brushes: the Flat Top Angle Brush, the Goat Hair P[...]