Quick Pick Tuesday: Merumaya Hydrate & Protect Hand Cream

I happily press my ear to the ground awaiting news of anything incoming from wonderful British brand, Merumaya, so I'm always excited when something new arrives.  If you're unfamiliar, Merumaya is an ever-growing skincare line with some truly great products that are designed to suit all skin types, with special consideration given to acne-prone skin.  It's a truly lovely range that I really, really rate.  I believe there's an exfoliating toner[...]


New from Merumaya: Treatment Toner and Overnight Recharge Night Cream

I find myself reaching for Merumaya products more and more frequently lately, as they're a good, solid range of calming and soothing products that really do what they promise.  They've been created by someone who has experienced adult acne and consequently developed a line of skincare that will not only target the issues associated with spots, but also treat signs of ageing and do this all gently and carefully so as not to upset tricky skin.  Ob[...]


Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum – Dual Review

Regular readers will know that I'm rather snowed under with skincare at the moment - not that I'm complaining as I do love skincare - however, there's still quite a few products that I've been anxious to try and/or feature, so I've enlisted the help of friends and family to share their thoughts on various products.  First up is the Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum which is the breakthrough product from the Merumaya range.  It's a serum designed to de[...]