mineral make-up


Jane Iredale Jelly Gel Eyeliner in Green and Angle Eyeliner Brush

I am having *such* a good time with make-up lately, having come across some truly amazing products that have quickly become staples in my beauty diet; consequently my blog has been a bit of a gush-fest of late, but I promise to resume my more typical grumpy state soon. Jane Iredale is a brand that's often overlooked and I can only assume its down to availability, as it's certainly not due to quality as absolutely everything I've tried from[...]


BareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow

There are a couple of exciting new releases coming from bareMinerals, the first of which are these new 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadows.  Before you groan at the mention of the seemingly overused "BB" reference, it's worth trying to keep an open mind as these do follow the original concept of BB as they're very much multi-beneficial and address both skincare and make-up needs. Starting with the skincare elements, there's an[...]


BareMinerals Complexion Bars at Selfridges

As is often the way, I came across a feature that I thought would be worth sharing with you whilst actually attending an appointment for something else entirely (more on that in another post) so today I wanted to flag up the bareMinerals Complexion Bars as I really do think they'd prove extremely useful to many of us.  To give you a bit of insight, the Complexion Bars are branches of bareMinerals counters with a main focus on complexion products.[...]


Elemental Beauty Mineral Make-Up

I'm a total sucker for mineral make-up, or specifically, mineral foundation, as if done right it can provide the most fantastic coverage that looks natural and keeps skin happy.  Of course if done wrong it can leave skin looking like shimmery plastic and covered in spots, but thankfully products that do that are few and far between! Elemental Beauty got in touch to offer me a chance to try some of their products, and I was sent the beautifully pr[...]