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Models Own Colour Chrome Collection

I was only thinking over the holidays how we're due a new Models Own collection, and here it is! The Models Own Colour Chrome Collection is a total stonker that I am extremely excited about as I love a chrome finish on nails.   The Colour Chrome collection is designed to give a liquid metal effect, and I think it does that really well.  My painting skills leave much to be desired so I wouldn't pay too much attention to the streakiness -[...]


Models Own Disco Pants in Sound Factory, Copacabana and Roxy

Models Own are pumping out some fab new collections lately and I have to say, they're all right up my street.  Rather than going down the typical dirgy, murky autumnal shades route, they're keeping things bright and sparkly, as is perfectly exhibited in their new Disco Pants collection.  Teddy has recently become a bit of a magpie for anything glittery, plus he loves the clacking sound of polishes bottles banging together, so he was in his elem[...]


NOTD: Models Own Diamond Luxe in Radiant Pink

My love for this new collection continues and is perfectly exemplified in the Radiant Pink shade from the Models Own Diamond Luxe collection; check out my original intro post here and my swatch post here.  I really liked all three of the shades I was sent, but Radiant Pink definitely stood out and had to go on my nails as soon as was practically possible. As you can see, it's a lovely bright pink that works on both fingers and toes, altho[...]


Models Own Diamond Luxe in Radiant Pink, Emerald Green and Oval Plum

I wrote about the arrival of these gorgeous polishes from Models Own here, of which there are 10 new shades that all contain real diamond dust.  I have to say, I really, really love this collection as the colours are just fantastic.   They're unashamedly bright, fun and I totally dig them. I have three of the shades, Radiant Pink which is a brilliant bright pink, Emerald Green which is a very 80s green that's incredibly fun and Oval Plum,[...]

Models Own Diamond Luxe

Holy MOLY this is a gorgeous new launch: The Models Own Diamond Luxe is a collection of ten new polish shades covering the most beautiful colour spectrum, with each shade containing real diamond dust (!!) to give a multi-dimensional shimmer.  Seriously, people.  I'm hoping the fact that it's diamond dust will give it that gentle, grown-up shimmer - rather than full blown glitter - which would be useful for two reasons; from a personal perspectiv[...]


Models Own Sweet Shop in Rhubarb and Custard, Gumballs and Pear Drops

The Models Own Sweet Shop collection has now launched and I have three of the shades to share with you.  I will say, I was expecting run-of-the-mill shades with the emphasis being on the scent more than anything, but the shades themselves are actually really lovely! The shades I have are Pear Drops - a medium red/coral shot through with a fine gold glitter; Rhubarb and Custard - a deep ruby red with dense silver glitter and lastly Gumballs[...]


Models Own Sweet Shop Collection

Later this week sees the arrival of the newest launch from fab nail brand Models Own, the Sweet Shop Collection. The Models Own Sweet Shop Collection contains five new shades that are flavoured with a sweet-based scent that falls within the sweet shop category.  The fun and summery scented shades are: Pear Drops - coral scented with pear drops Fizzy Cola Bottles - neutral beige brown scented with cola Rhubarb and Custard - dark red scent[...]


New From Models Own

I love this time of year where all the Spring/Summer nail colours launch and make you really feel like relatively stable sunshine is genuinely nearby.  In the same way the Coca Cola lorry ad makes me think Holidays really are a'comin', fun new nail launches make me think summer is a'comin' too.  There are three new launches from Models Own, all of which are very seasonal and consequently very welcome. First up we have the product I think[...]