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Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring Deal

I do love a beauty bargain and I also love it when Nails Inc do their polish promos as they often consist of great little edits of themed colours.  A good example of that is their 15 Shades of Spring collection which is up today and in limited supply, so if it's your sort of thing then you'll want to move quickly. In the Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring set you get 15 minis that will completely update your nail wardrobe to ensure you're SS15 re[...]


Beauty Deals and Steals #3

Have you just got paid? Are you ready to blow some of your hard earned cash on some great beauty buys? Fancy saving a few bob whilst you're at it? Getting annoyed with my constant questioning? Prefer me to start talking normally? Starting to lose interest in this post? Okay I'll stop.  There are a few beauty deals and steals worth checking out, so I thought I'd share. The first I didn't bother posting about yesterday as usually by the time[...]

Nails Inc Bargains (act quickly)

Today saw the arrival of a couple of different Nails Inc bargains, so I thought I'd share them with you as you can't beat a bit of Nails Inc, can you? I've actually got one of their SS15 shades on - it's a peachy little number that's already making me lust after the brighter, prettier SS shades.  Anyway! The first bargain is the Boots Star Gift which is the Nails Inc Ultimate Accessory Gift Set which contains 5 mini polishes, 1 full sized polish,[...]


Nails Inc Gel Effect AW14

I remembering being introduced to the small collection of Nails Inc Gel Effect shades during my pregnancy - I believe there were only 4 shades to start with - and now there are 20 shades in total if you include the latest arrivals which are the new AW14 shades.  Nails Inc are pretty on the ball with their gel shades and tend to take the crowd-pleasing approach, with juicy brights for summer and muted hues for autumn and winter. The Nails I[...]


Nails Inc Summer Must-Haves 2014

There are some lovely releases from Nails Inc this year, with my favourites probably being the new shades of the Gel Effect polishes as the shade selection is seriously beautiful, and surprisingly, having had a little play with them, I think I'd also rate the new Latex effect polishes as they're a lot more interesting than I anticipated! There are also some great effect polishes too, so here's a closer look at some of the latest arrivals: O[...]

Nails Inc Daisy Lane Floral

I remember hearing about the Nails Inc Florals a while back and thinking that I couldn't wait to try them; they reminded me of the OPI Minnie Mouse heart polish that I never managed to get my hands on, so when the Nails Inc Easter promo started, I stocked up on the polishes I'd been most keen to try which included the Daisy Lane Floral shade. Nails Inc Daisy Lane Floral is a clear base with white and pink specks and white, red and pink flow[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen

You may recall a little while ago I mentioned that I'm on a mission to try and get into better habits with regards to maintaining my nails.  I love a good manicure just as much as the next person, but I'm terrible at maintaining it - especially since the arrival of Teddy - and the result can often be several weeks old polish and nasty, tatty cuticles; not the best look for a beauty blogger.  In fact my cuticles have been so bad in previous NOTD[...]


Nails Inc Colour Collections (April 2014)

Hold on to your hats and your wallets my varnish-loving friends, as Nails Inc have another Colour Collections promo having today, and I'm sad to report that the colours in each collection are extremely pretty :( Look away now if you're trying to save money and stop spending on polish! There are three Nails Inc Colour Collections available and each are priced at £20 meaning you're saving £68 which I'm sure you'll agree is an impressively mega[...]

Nails Inc #QuickFindTheChick Easter Promo

I love it when brands do these fun little interactive promos for holidays such as Easter, and the Nails Inc one for this coming Easter weekend is intensely cute and mos-def worth checking out.  You need to have a bit of a time on your hands as you have to hunt down the above image of the little chick which is somewhere on the Nails Inc site, then once you've found it, screen grab it (find PrntScrn on your keyboard and press it, then create an ima[...]