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QVC TSV: Laura Geller Gilded Honey Collection

Today the Laura Geller Gilded Honey Collection launched as a QVC TSV and it's the sort of collection that would normally be really well suited to this time of year (sun, why did you leave us?) as it's full of bronzey tones and honey hues, which are the sort of shades that go ever so well with a lick of sun-kissed colour.  Having said that, if you're like me and as deathly pale now as you were in January, this is also a great collection to fake a[...]

QVC TSV: NIOD Dermal Science Radiance Skin Collection

It's my first post since my surgery so please bear with me as I've been trying to write this post for around three hours now...concentration is one of the last things to return, apparently! The awesome NIOD have another fantastic QVC TSV coming up (their second one ever, I believe, although I might be making that up) containing four of their very best, full-sized products, may I introduce you to the NIOD Dermal Science Radiance Skin Collection.[...]

QVC TSV: Elemis 6 Piece Day To Night Luminous Skin Collection

This is a bit of an unusual one, as even though it's showing as a QVC TSV, it's actually hanging around for a bit longer; the Elemis 6 Piece Day To Night Luminous Skin Collection is available from now until 8th July 2017, so this Saturday.  Other than the extended availability, it's pretty much exactly the same as any other QVC TSV, in that it's a set packed full of lust-worthy goodies at a brilliant price. As the name suggests, the QVC[...]

QVC TSV: tarte Bombshell Basics Colour Collection

This upcoming QVC TSV from tarte is an absolute beauty.  The tarte Bombshell Basics Colour Collection is an edit of some of the brands bestsellers, and what a cracker of a collection too! As it's a QVC TSV, expect top products at a fabulous price - there's the stunning Sex Kitten Eyeshadow Palette plus a brush and four other full-sized products. I'm a huge tarte fan and there are some of my favourite products included in this TSV, startin[...]

QVC TSV: Decleor 4 Piece Skin in Bloom Hydrating Collection

There's a beautiful QVC TSV coming up from Decleor on the 26th March 2017, the 4 Piece Skin in Bloom Hydrating Collection. 26th March 2017 is Mother's Day, so it's a bit of a shame that it isn't running a bit before so you could surprise your mum with this, but you could definitely order it as a belated gift! In typical QVC TSV style, it's a collection of cult products with a fantastic saving that will be available for just 24 hours. There[...]

QVC TSV: Percy & Reed Big, Bold & Beautiful Hair Collection

I've never featured a Percy & Reed QVC TSV before - how exciting! The Percy & Reed Big, Bold & Beautiful Hair Collection includes five full-sized products with the focus being on adding volume to the hair, so not a set for everyone, but certainly one for those of us with fine and/or flat hair.  The set contains some of the brand's most popular products. The wash duo included is the Bountifully Bouncy Shampoo and Conditioner, bo[...]

QVC TSV: Elemis 5 Piece Pro-Definition Contouring Collection

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and if you're like me and have nobody to buy you something lovely to mark the occasion (I've tried hinting to my toddler, Teddy, but I don't think he's picking up on the subtleties...) Elemis have come to the rescue with a fabulous QVC TSV.  The Elemis 5 Piece Pro-Definition Contouring Collection contains five gorgeous products including a new arrival that's a QVC exclusive. The theme of this collection[...]

QVC TSV: NIOD 4 Piece Dermal Science Skincare Set

There's a fabulous NIOD QVC TSV coming this Friday which you'll want to set your timer for; it's the 4 Piece Dermal Science Skincare Sets and it's basically a quad of NIOD stars with three of my favourite NIOD products included, alongside one I haven't tried yet.  Let's look at what you get! First up is a full-sized Sanskrit Saponins which is the heavy duty mud-like cleanser that I recently reviewed here.  Next is the gorgeous Multi-Molec[...]

QVC TSV: Decleor 5 Piece Super Skin Resolutions Collection

'tis the first QVC TSV of the year for me - how exciting! It's the Decleor 5 Piece Super Skin Resolutions Collection which is an absolute blinder as it contains all full-sized products with a great mix and an impressive value.  There's a bit of everything and if you decide to order this, you'll be mighty happy when it arrives as there are some humongous bottles of beauty joy included, covering both skin and body care. Let's look at the sk[...]

QVC TSV: Time Bomb Skincare Set

Time Bomb are one of those skincare ranges that tends to hang around in the background, with those who have tried it raving about it (including me - they do some amazing skin tonics in the form of their Complexion Cocktails) but for some reason it's a range that doesn't seem to often dominate 'must have' lists, even though there are some star products.  This weekend sees the arrival of a brilliant Time Bomb QVC TSV, so if you haven't had a chanc[...]

QVC TSV: Decleor November 2016

**Please see corrections at the bottom of the post. Everyone loves a great QVC TSV because they really are stonking value for a set of great products from amazing brands, so it's all very positive and as a consequence, my posts on TSVs are always extremely popular...so much so that I'm getting traffic for the Decleor QVC TSV coming this month, and I haven't even featured it yet! There's definitely a rumble of excitement building around this gorgeou[...]