studio 10


Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfect Canvas

I've raved about Studio 10 as I really do love their small but perfectly formed range of products.  I'm someone who likes natural, flattering finishes - dewy, gently contoured skin, lightly defined eyes and pretty pink/peach lips is my ideal look - and Studio 10 provide a host of products that do exactly that, they flatter and enhance rather than cover and mask.  I've gone into plenty of detail in my introductory post here, so have a mooch if yo[...]


A Quick Introduction to Studio 10

Even though contouring has been around for a while, I think 2014 was the year that contouring really took off, becoming far more accessible and achievable for those of us who don't have makeup artists available for daily help.  Certainly it's only been this year that I've really started taking contouring seriously and I'm an ideal candidate for it since I have a long face and a big nose, both of which benefit from some serious contouring! Studio[...]