Wiley's Finest Beginner's DHA Wild Alaskan Fish Oil for Children

Quick Pick Tuesday: Wiley’s Finest Elementary DHA Wild Alaskan Fish Oil for Children

[lookbook id="25381" show-legend="true" show-desc="true" show-reveal="false"] *PR Sample* There are certain supplements that you can get away with spending very little on, such as Vitamin C (in my opinion!) but there are also ones that are really worth investing in.  The Wiley's Finest range of fish oils contain pretty much every kind of take on this Omega-rich supplement, providing a vast wealth of health and beauty benefits.  I have the adult ve[...]

Dr Barbara Sturm Baby & Kids Range

The Dr Barbara Sturm range is one of those annoying collections that you peruse for around 10 minutes before deciding you want absolutely everything.  Glow Drops? Yes please.  Hyaluronic Ampoules? GIMME! Nappy Cream? Sorry...what was that? Rather randomly, this extremely exciting and innovative skincare range now has a Baby & Kids collection too.  It's very random, but I can see why it exists, as there are certainly people with high incomes[...]

When Teddy Was Really Sick

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you'll now that last week Teddy, my son, got very poorly, very quickly and ended up in hospital for a few days.  He wasn't so unwell that we were panicking, but his breathing was laboured and his oxygen saturation levels were alarmingly low - especially when he went to sleep - so he ended up being admitted to the children's ward for a couple of nights. I'm writing the post firstly because I hav[...]

Revisited: Child’s Farm Hand and Body Lotion

It's all about the newness today, as not only do I have a new blog with new categories, I'm now adding a new series too! A few weeks ago I wrote an Ode to Seche Vite which was my opportunity to talk more about how much I love Seche, and at the time I thought it would be nice to have a series where I occasionally talk about products I've already discussed previously, to see how I'm getting on with them.  This will mostly be an opportunity for me to b[...]


Teddy: Childs Farm Body Products

I've been a fan of Childs Farm products for quite a while and actually used quite a few of them on Teddy before I was sent the above trio.  Childs Farm is a very well priced and accessible (they're stocked at Boots) range of products designed to be extremely gentle to young skin, but not limited to babies and can in fact be used by the whole family. The range contains mostly washes and hydrators, plus a very nice nappy balm.  The Hand and[...]

Teddy: A Good Sleep Routine and This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

I've been blessed with a generally good sleeper in Teddy, who started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old (!!) which is quite rare and I feel extremely lucky! However, there are times when he struggles, such as when hitting milestones, teething or feeling under the weather and then my darling little cherub turns into a screaming nightmare who wakes every hour and needs to be constantly held.  Within days I feel like I'm going to have a bre[...]