Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! Hair Styling Trio

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! ReviewPIN IT

If we can quietly overstep the somewhat dubious name of the Oh My Nude! range from Schwarzkopf (I braced myself when sticking those words into Google) then this is a rather fantastic range of hair styling products that actually fills a gap in the market – tricky to achieve in our heavily swamped world of beauty – by providing styling products for those of us that can’t really be bothered to do any real styling.  The Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! trio are designed to help you style your hair when all you can muster, is a quick application before leaving it to dry on its own – this is pretty much how I style my hair most days, so I’m totally in.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! ReviewPIN IT

I’ll start with the Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! Spray Silky Done*, which is the product that I felt was least right for my hair type, as it’s detangling spray/leave-in conditioner that’s best suited for hair that can be a little unruly and prone to tangles and frizz.  My hair doesn’t really tangle much at all, so I don’t tend to brush it often – maybe a couple of times a week – as I find it can get very flyaway if I do.  I almost didn’t bother with this product as it’s so unsuited to my hair type, but I did end up giving it a whirl and whilst it did give my hair softness and shine, it also made it feel a bit greasy.  My hair gets greasy if I look too long at a bottle of rich conditioner, so this is definitely a product more suited to dry hair that needs more help in this department.  It’s £4.19 here – link.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! ReviewPIN IT

The product that got me most excited out of all three was the Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! Foam Spray Mousse Air Does It*, as it’s designed to give hair a touch of hold without any residue or need for heat styling – just apply and let it dry.  I use this to give my determinedly straight hair a little bit of texture and movement without any real effort; I literally just apply it, give hair a bit of a scrunch, then let it dry.  Another way you can use it is to apply, then tie your hair up (I personally think a few smaller chunks of hair in several hair ties work better that one) then leave it to dry for a few hours/overnight for really easy waves.  This is also £4.19 here – link.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! ReviewPIN IT

The final product is the Schwarzkopf Got2B Oh My Nude! Dry Flex Spray Oh So Natural*, which, as the name suggests, is a hairspray designed to give hair a really light bit of hold.  I use this the morning after letting hair dry to just give it a little bit of hold, but I’ve also found it really useful for taming flyaways and stopping any static – it’s a great choice for anyone with hair that tends to get all charged-up (my hair does it a lot – very annoying) and would like a little bit of hold without feeling like hair is full of product and/or stuck in one position.  It’s £4.19 here – link.

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