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The Living Proof hair care range has been on my radar for a while, but other than appearing in the occasional beauty box, I haven’t really investigated any further.  I’ve been trying out some key products from the Living Proof Full collection, alongside the Dry Shampoo from the PHD (Perfect Hair Day) range, so here’s a look at how I got on:

Living Proof FullPIN IT

First up, all good hair routines start with a really decent shampoo and conditioner set, and thankfully the Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner are an excellent duo that are a modern take on how to deal with fine, flat hair.  I’m so used to thickening/volumising ranges starting with a shampoo that strips all the oil, and following with a conditioner that’s so light it’s virtually pointless, but the Full duo, thankfully, are very different in their approach.  The shampoo is gentle yet cleansing and feels light on the hair, whilst the conditioner is impressively nourishing, which is so rare for these types of products.  I regularly avoid shampoo/conditioner sets that promise to add volume as they do this by making my hair so light that it becomes horrendously static, but that wasn’t an issue with the Living Proof pair.  I highly recommend if you have similar hair to mine.

Living Proof Thickening CreamPIN IT

My experience of the Living Proof products has been very positive and I’m using all five of the products, which is very rare, especially as I’m very fussy about how I like my hair to feel! I think my favourite of the styling products is the Living Proof Full Thickening Cream as it makes a noticeable difference to the thickness of my hair, without making it feel like it’s full of product.  It’s all very easy to slip into any old hair care routine, and very forgiving if you use too much.  The Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast is product I tend to use at the very end of my styling process, when my hair is dry and just needs a bit of lift.  You use this kind of like a dry shampoo, by applying to areas that need a bit more oomph.  It’s a little tacky on the hair at first, but I’ve noticed this seems to reduce as the day goes on, so hair doesn’t feel like it’s in desperate need of a wash by the evening.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry ShampooPIN IT

The final product isn’t actually part of the Full collection, it’s part of the Perfect Hair Day range and it’s the Dry Shampoo.  Probably my most used hair product is the Dry Shampoo, as not only do I often wash my hair in the evening (so the morning of that day my hair will be in need of a lot of help!) but I also often use it straight after washing as my hair is tricky – fine and flat but lots of it – so it benefits from anything that’s going to dry it up a bit.  The Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo is mega; it’s strong, powerful and amazing at getting rid of all the signs of oiliness.  I usually rely on Dry Shampoos to just reduce that greasy look my hair can develop very quickly, so I can tie it in a band without it looking too terrible, but this Dry Shampoo can pretty much take you back to square one – I can use this on day 3-4 after a wash and still wear my hair down, with lots of movement and volume, and without that greasy roots look.  Its a really good product that’s worthy of the investment!



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