Holiday Heroes

Family SPFs for the Body (Holiday Heroes)

I'm such a total convert to SPF in all its forms, which might sound like a silly thing to say, but I remember planning holidays years ago where I would take an SPF15 for my whole body, which I would then reduce to single digits as the holiday developed, with my main focus being ensuring a good tan to come home with - RIDICULOUS.  Now, I'm a lot more sensible, so I'll be taking the very best sun care with me, to take care of both mine and my famil[...]

Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 (Holiday Heroes)

I featured the Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 in my big ol' facial SPF post here, mentioning that I would follow-up with a full review of this fabulous new product, so here it is! The Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Protection SPF50 is part of the new range of primers from Bobbi Brown, which includes four new products: Primer Plus Mattifier (£24), Primer Plus Radiance SPF35 (£24), Primer Plus Hydrating 3in1 Setting Spray (£22) and the produc[...]

Travel Sets for Every Beauty Need (Holiday Heroes)

Now my holiday is booked, I'm relishing all the little details as we ready ourselves for takeoff this coming weekend.  Beauty travel kits are some of the most fun ways to prepare for travelling, combining gorgeous little arrangements of your favourite products in the prettiest, dinkiest packaging - what is it about a miniature version of your favourite product that's so cute? With that in mind, here's a great selection of travel sets, perfect for[...]

Your Perfect Facial SPF is Probably Here (Holiday Heroes)

My holiday is in two weeks! TWO WEEKS, BABY! So I'm doing a few holiday posts which I'm tagging "Holiday Heroes" to make it easier for you guys to find them all in one place.  This is the year that I have finally pulled my socks up and ensured I never leave the house without a good facial SPF, since they are such an essential part of a good skincare routine and it does seem quite ridiculous to focus so much time on caring for and perfecting skin,[...]