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Shiseido Mini ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Gift Set

A beautifully presented set of lipsticks is one of those presents that’ll generate a coo from even the hardiest of beauty lovers.  The Shiseido Mini ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Gift Set is just gorgeous in every way; the packaging is stunning, the case inside is inviting and the products themselves are, of course, fabulous. I absolutely love Shiseido as these lipsticks are a perfect example of why they have such a good name.

Shiseido Mini ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Gift Set

The Shiseido Mini ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Gift Set contains five of the Shiseido Mini ModernMatte lipsticks in miniature form.  I was actually surprised that these lipsticks are mini as they’re pretty generous sizes that certainly don’t look like smaller versions of lipsticks; the standard size for this product is around 4g, whilst the minis are 2.5g, so definitely a lot larger than a typical mini version of a product – you wouldn’t pull one of these out and have people comment on the smaller size as it’s really not obvious.

The shades included in the set are: Disrobed (warm nude), Rose Hip (warm fuchsia), Sling Back (true red), Exotic Red (deeper Merlot red) and finally Dark Fantasy, which is a deep berry nude.  The formula is, as the name suggests, a modern take on matte, so expect an extremely matte finish in a comfortable, lipstick-like formula that doesn’t look or feel like it’s sucking all the life out of your body via your lips…

The Shiseido Mini ModernMatte Powder Lipstick Gift Set is a very reasonable £42, which is especially well-priced considering you could easily break this set down into smaller, individual gifts.  However, I think it works best as a full set, since it’s so attractively packaged.  Feel Unique are offering mystery gift freebies on spends over £50 too, so you could definitely pick up a few Christmas gift bits and end up with a little treat for yourself.  Find the set here – link.

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