For the Die-Hard Mask Fan


I’m pretty much referring to myself when writing “die-hard mask fan” as I really do love a good mask treatment; I think, when done right, it can be one of the best ways to address any skin issues and get skin back on the right path.  I always turn to a good masking session when my skin is playing up by either feeling excessively dry or breaking out, so obviously I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on the FOREO UFO when it launched.


The FOREO UFO is a smart mask device that you use with a small sheet mask soaked in product.  You attach the sheet mask to the device, then work it around your face, during which time the mask goes through a number of different processes including pulsations, warming and LED Light Therapy, all of which take 90 seconds.  There are a few different masks available (if my memory serves me correctly, more are due soon) with the two lead masks being the Make my Day and Call it a Night treatments, although there are a few others.  I’m deliberately avoiding going into too much detail as I will be reviewing the device in full soon.


The FOREO UFO is available as both the all-powerful, original device, and the more purse-friendly Mini, which appears to do most of what the original version does, other than the cooling element, so if you’re planning to buy this as a gift for someone, I’d recommend keeping that in mind.  Personally, I feel it’s something you can easily go without, but if you’re buying for someone who has skin that’s easily upset/sensitive/breakout-prone, then this additional cooling element might prove useful.  The FOREO UFO is £249, whilst the FOREO UFO Mini is £159.  You can find the mini here – link.

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