Restyle and Colour at Daniel Galvin, Kensington

Daniel Galvin Kensington Salon Reviews

A few weeks ago I made what was to be my third ever visit to a Daniel Galvin salon, although my first two visits were to the George Street venue, and this time I went to the Kensington salon instead.  … read more.

FaceCamp at FaceGym, Selfridges


A while ago when I first heard of FaceGym, I definitely wasn’t intrigued; I thought it involved going to Selfridges and doing some sort of exercise routine that would then be of benefit to your face.  As someone who is … read more.

Sorbet London Review: Power Mani, Power Pedi and Full Body Swedish Massage

A couple of weeks ago I gave myself the whole day off.  This might sound a bit strange as I have days off here and there when everything has overwhelmed and there hasn’t been enough time in the day … read more.

Bespoke Facial at Omniya, London

Omniya Bespoke Facial Review

I am *such* a fusspot when it comes to facials as I do think a lot of salons get away with charging fortunes for treatments that aren’t worthy of such a hefty price tag, so when I have a facial, … read more.

Colour Contouring and Restyle at Charles Worthington


There are few better ways to perk yourself up than a good restyle and recolour, although of course going to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can have the opposite effect, but thankfully my most recent visit to the … read more.

Ritual Massage at Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa Ritual Massage Reviews

Ever since Teddy arrived, I’ve made regular pampering trips a priority – I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I get a manicure each week and try to have a facial, pedicure or massage at least once a month.  … read more.

Elemis Touch Facial at House of Elemis

House of Elemis Touch Facial Review

The second I heard that there was a House of Elemis launching in London, I knew it would be somewhere that offered an amazingly pampering experience with attention to every detail, and I don’t want to brag or anything, but … read more.

HydraFacial with HydraEyes at Waterhouse Young

Waterhouse Young Hydrafacial Review

I’ve been doing really well with finding time to commit to regular facials and I do believe it’s paying off.  Last week I visited Waterhouse Young – a London based skin clinic – to try out their most popular treatment, … read more.