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“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

Yves Saint Laurent

  • I’m not normally a fan of the colour red, but I think red flowers are so pretty 🌹
  • Gone from spending my life battling to hide my skim, then finally having skin that wasn’t great but much easier to hide, to now, where I actually love my skin and make it a feature to enhance - crazy! I’m a total pedant with my skincare and follow a strict routine of mostly @obagiuk plus an LED mask every night and it really has worked so well for me! Tap for #makeup brands - PR Samples 💕#selfie
  • Receiving a lovely delivery of fancy suncare from @soleil_toujours is the perfect excuse to book another holiday, right? Especially with the current British weather - I won’t get a chance to use it all at this rate! Come back, sun 🌞 😫#suncare #soleiltoujours
  • If you’ve ever fancied a drastic hair change but were worried that there’d be no going back, today’s post is for you! A few months ago, the amazing @johanneheraldhair at @charlesworthingtonsalons took me from blonde to red, then a few weeks later back to blonde again 😱find out everything you need to know in my blog post - direct link in bio 💁🏼‍♀️PR Appointment #cwsalons #blondehair #redhair #hairtransformation
  • I had the best time at the Brand Showcase at Exclusively today, so expect lots of homeware spam soon. The one product I am now obsessed with is this @veritablegarden home growing set, which literally does everything for you (providing water and specialist lighting) so you can grow your own herbs, mini veg (such as chillis and tomatoes) and edible flowers. It’s such an easy system and great for someone like me, who lacks a green thumb and a well-lit window. Such a fantastic concept! 🌿🍃#excshow #veritablegarden
  • I’m so excited to try the new @baremineralsuk Complexion Rescue Foundation Stick! 🤩I literally cannot wait, so it’s getting its first outing tomorrow - PR Samples #bareminerals #stickwithclean #cleanbeauty
  • Still holding on to that tan (with a little bit of help from @ezitanproducts.uk - PR Sample) and the new @cosmeticsalacarte bronzer (PR Sample) - I look so much healthier with a bit of colour 🌞#selfie #selftan
  • My @beautypie order came today and I am excited to get stuck in to all the newness! Loving the look of the new palette, plus those Wonderglosses feel so luxurious and the setting spray is what I was waiting for before I placed another order, so I can’t wait! 🤩#postyourpie #beautypie
  • The @avedauk Texture Tonic is amazing! I have poker straight hair but if I spray my damp hair with this, then tie it up and leave it overnight, I wake up to beachy texture that I absolute love 💕 #selfie #beachyhair

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