Dehydrated Skin? Here’s the Range for You!

Spots are my biggest skin issue, as we know, but coming in at a close second is dehydration which is something I've battled with for quite some time now - I want to say it started during my pregnancy (it certainly got worse then) but I think it might've been something that's been around for a while.  If you have extremely hard to please skin then the Clinique Moisture Surge range is absolutely amazing. The battle for dehydrated, spot-prone ski[...]


Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser with Natural Neroli

Neroli seems to be an oil that my skin really agrees with as I still find the Superfacialist Neroli Oil the most balancing for my skin as it seems to have a generally calming effect.  Having said that, when the newest product arrived from the brand, the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser with Natural Neroli, I wasn't that excited, which is unusual for me as I love Liz Earle products, but I think it's because I felt it wasn't the sort of product my s[...]

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of Chlorophyll

I'm extremely annoyed with myself for writing off these fabulous Complexion Cocktails from Time Bomb when they first arrived in my life for being inappropriate for my skin type, as they are exactly what my skin has been crying out for.  I think I assumed that they'd conflict with my skin issues due to the fact that the Time Bomb brand is marketed as a mostly anti-ageing brand, so I figured the formulations would have a focus on deeply rich ingre[...]


New from Vichy: Idealia and Aqualia Thermal Serum

There are a couple of new launches from Vichy as well as one product that's not actually that new, but I haven't talked about it before and I think it's definitely worthy of a mention, so I'll start with that! The Vichy Idealia Life Serum is a really interesting product as it's designed to perfect and even skin with the key ingredient being LR2412.  I'm not normally one for mentioning fancy-pants ingredients (especially if they're labelled with a[...]


My Dermalogica Prescription Review

A little while ago I was sent my prescription of Dermalogica products, and I thought rather than spam your timelines with individual reviews, I'd share my thoughts on each product in this post; however I do have both versions of the PreCleanse so I'll be doing a post on those soon.  The Dermalogica Face Mapping involves breaking down individual areas of the face to establish what's best for that particular area, and taking all the areas into acco[...]