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Quick Pick Tuesday: Filorga Hand-Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream

My word that is a long name, isn't it? The Filorga Hand-Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream, or "the hand cream" as we shall now call it, is the perfect hand cream if you're like me and a bit of a Goldilocks when it comes to hand creams - I like mine not too rich so that it leaves a residue (with the exception being just before bed, when that's okay) but I have pretty dry hands, so I don't really want it to be too light or fast-a[...]


Quick Pick Tuesday: Merumaya Hydrate & Protect Hand Cream

I happily press my ear to the ground awaiting news of anything incoming from wonderful British brand, Merumaya, so I'm always excited when something new arrives.  If you're unfamiliar, Merumaya is an ever-growing skincare line with some truly great products that are designed to suit all skin types, with special consideration given to acne-prone skin.  It's a truly lovely range that I really, really rate.  I believe there's an exfoliating toner[...]


E45 Hand Creams

I'm working really hard at trying to improve my 'hand health' at the moment as my hand skin is so dry, my cuticles are rubbish, and quite frankly unless I have a manicure at least once a week, my hands very quickly look rough and aged due to firstly being on crutches (they're exposed and bashed about quite a bit) and secondly having to wash Teddy bottles regularly.  I'm better with the latter, as I'm mostly in the habit of wearing washing-up glov[...]


L’Occitane Whipped Shea Collection

The infamous and award-winning Shea collection from L'Occitane is now 25 years old, so to mark the occasion, L'Occitane have released a limited edition Whipped Shea collection, which is every bit as lovely as it sounds. It's a three piece launch containing a Whipped Hand Cream, a Whipped Body Cream and a Whipped Shower Foam and as I don't often use body cream (although I'm trying to rectify that!) I've been playing with the Whipped Hand Cream and[...]

The Body Shop Hand Creams

Here's a super quick heads-up on the lovely new hand creams that have recently arrived at The Body Shop.  You really can't beat The Body Shop for fab value products, can you? These are a great example at only £3.50 a go for 30ml tubes, so you can stock up and keep them dotted all over the place like in the car, in your bag and at work, leaving no excuse for dry hands.  The arrival of these is particularly well timed considering we are heading i[...]