New Launch: Taylor’s 32 Toothpaste Trio

Taylor's 32 are a new toothpaste brand consisting of three flavours of almost completely natural (the only chemical ingredient is Fluoride) toothpastes designed to whiten teeth and generally improve oral health without the use of anything nasty.  I've been working my way through all three over the last couple of weeks and I am surprised to say that there's definitely a bit of whitening action going on - as a heavy coffee drinker I need all the he[...]


The Oral B White Collection

Even though I'm almost 2 years smoke-free (yay!) and I always said that if I made it a year I'd really lay in to getting my teeth scary, Simon-Cowell-esque white, the buckets of coffee I consume on a daily basis has left me with pretty stained teeth - not smoker stained, but stained enough to need some attention. I've been trying out the Oral B White Collection which consists of an electric toothbrush - the Pro 600 White & Clean - and t[...]

Quick Pick Tuesday: Colgate Max White One Optic Toothpaste

Colgate Max White One Optic Toothpaste is designed to give the illusion of whiter teeth immediately after use.  This is achieved with optical brighteners which are little blue lumps contained within the toothpaste that break down whilst you brush.  As we all know, blue makes teeth look whiter so it all sounds sensible, plus the toothpaste also contains stain removers that gently buff away at the teeth revealing, in theory, whiter teeth in the long-r[...]