Veet Spawax Kit

A little bit of sun this weekend has turned my thoughts to sunny weather skin prep, so I'm thinking hair removal and possible fake tanning.  As a brand, I really rate Veet and I'm always keen to find out what's new, so I was very excited to get my hands on their Spawax kit, especially as I absolutely love their Easywax Electrical Roll-On device. The Veet Spawax kit takes at-home removal to the next level, by literally giving you a home-based t[...]


Sweet Ease Wax Kits

I love it when things are created to make life simpler, especially when it comes to any kind of faffy beauty maintenance.  A good example of this is the recently launched Sweet Ease Wax Kits which are single use kits containing everything you need to wax a particular area. There are three kits available - leg, face and bikini - and the kit pictured in this post is the face kit.  Each kit contains 16 pre-loaded wax strips (20 in the leg ki[...]