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  1. Hi Elsie, you can’t use it on the dark circle area, only on the area where there’s bone; so not in the immediate hollow area surrounding the eye, but everywhere else is fine 🙂 xx

  2. Love your feedback regarding the Reaura, just purchased one and Im looking forward to getting started. Your blog is so helpful and informative. Thank you for doing it. There are very few reviews from independent people on the web and the Philips website hasn’t a lot on it either. Delighted that you are seeing improvements, I have loads of brown sunspots to fade, so fingers crossed that its works for me too! Looking forward to reading the next installment..tks Sinead

  3. Hi i’ve been using reaura for the last 9 weeks twice a week and am still finding the forehead difficult to do it it doesn’t stay on continuously and i keep having to fiddle with position to machine so that it works. Any advice

    1. The forehead is really tricky to do! The easiest way I’ve found is to either hold the machine still and move your head left to right, or to choose a centre and work outwards to the centre on either side of the forehead. Hopefully that makes sense 🙂 it takes a bit of getting used to but I believe that you go over it so many times that even if you are a bit rubbish at keeping it going on a steady flow (like I am!) then you’ll still cover the whole area eventually!

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