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  1. Hi – Just wondering have you tried this on your underarms yet? Do you think it is suitable for bikini too? You may recall I emailed you a while back about waxing so was interested to read this article. My sister-in-law does sugaring but I can never get to hers when she is free x

  2. Hello luvvy, I haven’t yet tried it on my underarms but I plan to do it over the next couple of days, I was just waiting to get hold of some more strips. I’ll write a review when I’ve tried it xx

    1. It wasn’t an issue for me. It wasn’t a messy experience and I didn’t feel like there was loads of wax left on my legs; there was a small amount but the kit comes with wipes that remove it easily 🙂 xx

  3. I keep looking at trying this as I don’t like the wax strips – I tend to get left with a hair here and there which is annoying! Haha xx

  4. It’s really good! I didn’t have much hope for it before I tried it (as I seriously hate the wax style strips too) but it turned out to be really fab; got rid of all my little hairs too so definitely worth trying xx

  5. How much time does it take for the hair to grow back? Is it shorter? When I used Veet’s premade stripes the hair gew back after two weeks, soft and not weird. After I waxed with a roll on device at the cosmetician’s, it was back to normal.

    1. Hi Gal,

      That’s a really good point and unfortunately I can’t answer it too well as it’s been a while since I waxed (I’m *terrible* at hair removal when it’s winter; although I’m definitely overdue now!) but I can say that I didn’t notice it coming back any quicker than with other waxing methods and I was stubble free immediately after, meaning that all the hairs had been pulled out rather than snapped off so I can’t imagine they would have come back any quicker xx

  6. How do you clean the strips afterwards??
    I can’t seem to wash them to reuse at all…the wax is sooooo sticky!!!!

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