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  1. hi there ! you left a comment on my blog a while ago and I never got back to you !! anyway I just wanted to say thanks;) I love you’re blog and am following as of now!!! I’d be grateful if you could check my blog out too and let me know of any ways to improve it !!! ( and follow if you’de like too 😉 ) Thanks !! Lozz xxx

  2. I find that budget products, like all cosmetics, are hit and miss. At least if a cheaper product doesn’t perform you don’t feel as let down or out of pocket. I haven’t tried Vivo yet but I will be soon!

  3. I love the baked blusher & eyeshadow palettes ( I have Chocolate box), I use ti so much & have on today. The eyshadows re really pigmented for the price you literally cannot go wrong.

  4. I will definitely be trying Vivo now. I have looked at it frequently in Tesco, however am wary of budget brands. Shining review so will give it a go!! Thanks x

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone xx

    @Sky thanks for your comment, I’ll definitely check out your blog later today.

    @NeverTooBrokeForBeauty this is very true, it’s much easier to accept a product is rubbish when you haven’t spent much, but still, spending anything is annoying if the product fails to live up to it’s claims!

    @FabFingertips I did actually read your review on the Vivo products and it was a really good read 🙂

    @Anon and @Jo it’s definitely worth a try as it’s sooo cheap but you seriously cannot tell when you apply the actual products! I’ll be reviewing them over the coming weeks 🙂

  6. Hello! I love your post. I discovered Vivo at a blogger event a few months ago and got the same concealer kit. I love it, and the highlighter. Fab products. I have a few other products from the range like a lipgloss, and some lipsticks which are fab, and an eye shadow. They are all unbelievable quality and so cheap! Would definitely recommend them and try some more.

    Ps. I have just discovered your blog and love it! defo be tuning in. x

  7. @Miss Stylicious you’re so right! It’s really impressive and you’d never be able to tell it was so cheap if you didn’t know. Thanks for the info, will check out your review 🙂 xx

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