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  1. oooh I’ve never thought about tailor making a facial, i have super sensitive skin, so this seems like a fab idea!! xx

  2. Hi Becky, you definitely should give it a whirl as it’s great for sensitive skin; you can pick and choose what you do and pay close attention to your skin so you only end up giving it what it wants, if that makes sense xx

  3. This sounds so luxurious. I always just cleanse and apply a mask at home, but I must try a similar routine to yours. I have never thought about applying a spot treatment underneath a mask but I want to try that out now. Great post. x

  4. @ATBMAS you can’t beat Tea Tree when you’re a bit spot prone 🙂 xx

    @Discovering Beauty thanks very much 🙂 I really enjoy the main elements of a facial, the only problem I have is keeping them down to one a week as if I had my way I’d do them every night! Applying a treatment under a mask makes a really big difference so definitely worth a shot. Thanks for your comment 🙂 xx

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