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    1. It’s really difficult to tell and I’d suggest having a roam around Boots as they have them all there with testers. However, if I were to guess I’d say Opal (although that might come out a bit light on you) or Sand xx

  1. Hi 🙂 I have read some rave reviews about this product but I have never heard of it before :O I suffer with rosacea (redness, inflammation and spots on the face) and have tried many many foundations and none of them have ticked all the boxes in one. I have yet to find one that gives me coverage without that ‘cakey’ feeling and am hoping this will be the one. I am very pale so am presuming that opal will be the one for me? Also I find that after a few hours of wearing make up I get quite shiney, does this happen? Thanks 🙂 ..weestarn56

    1. This is fantastic for coverage, however, if you’re quite pale then you still might find Opal too dark for you. Clinique do marginally lighter shades in their Continuous Coverage range which is really similar, but definitely swatch them first!

      For this, I found mixing it with a paler concealer (I think the one I used was by Mac – if you search “Custom Blend” on here I wrote a post on it) resulted in a better match; it’s a bit of a faff but you could mix a batch up in a pot then you’d only need to do it every so often.

      Unfortunately if you’re prone to shine (like me!) then you’ll need a good setting powder to; ideally one you can carry around for touch-ups xx

  2. Dear Sasha! thanks for the review
    have you tried Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation SPF15 100ml and if yes how does it differs from this one?

    1. Hi Inna, I haven’t tried it myself but I know it only comes in three shades, so unless you’re very lucky I don’t think it will shade match to facial skin very well, but I could be wrong! I’d recommend trying one of their new face coverage products as their shade range is better xx

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