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  1. The price and the effects both sound amazing! I’ve ordered this along with a few other bits to try, like you I’ve got really mixed up skin that’s every skin type in one, so I like the idea of smaller serums I can alternate to give my skin what it needs! Looking forward to trying it, thanks for alerting me to this brand 🙂 xxx

    1. Yay! Fantastic; you won’t regret it 🙂 It’s the most perfect range for skin like ours and it’s made such a difference to mine. Looking forward to hearing what you think xxx

    2. I’m sure I won’t 🙂 I’d just like to clear up those spots that never ever seem to go away and stop them coming back- high hopes but you never know! I will report back once I’ve tried them out 🙂 xxx

    3. I have the exact same problem on my chin; as soon as one starts disappearing there’s another ready to take it’s place. Thankfully the citric acid has stopped that happening so it’s definitely become a friend for life 🙂 xxx

    4. Good stuff 🙂 Weirdly I got an order from them today, but it’s actually someone else’s parcel so I’ve got to try to give it back to them somehow! We’re off to a good start haha 🙂 xxx

    5. Oh no! They’ve literally only just landed in the UK so I’m guessing they’re having some, erm, technical difficulties?! Hope you get it sorted soon xxx

    6. It all got sorted! I got my proper order a few days after- and a lovely French lady left me a voicemail and said I could keep the package I got sent in order! Win win win 🙂 Enjoying them so far! xxx

    7. Oh wow that’s fantastic! Really glad it all got sorted and please, if you can, keep me updated on how you get on; I really do have faith in these products so I’m hopeful they’ll work for you too! xxx

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