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  1. This one looks really really interesting! I’ll give it a go once my Rimmel 25 hour one is done. Do you think it’s suitable for summer months or is it more of a winter time foundation?

    1. Hello lovely, I think it’s best for winter months as it’s quite a heavy foundation, but if you’re a fan of full coverage then this would still work, especially if you’re oily prone like me! xx

  2. i am using this foundation at the moment,do you have any suggestions on how to apply it because it feels rather cakey on my face? x

    1. Do you mean that it feels cakey during application or after a certain amount of time? I think that if you’re using something that doesn’t go on as smoothly as you’d like then the best thing to use is a Beauty Blender sponge (I think there’s a cheaper alternative available at Superdrug if you don’t fancying splashing out) that you spray with water first as this gives a bit more fluidity to the product.

      If it’s starting to cake after a while then maybe use a primer that’s aimed at moisturising too? My favourite for this is the Boots No7 Primer that I reviewed a while ago.

      Hope this helps! xx

  3. It sounds like a really interesting foundation to try. My face recently decided that it wanted to be oily instead of dry that it used to be, so I’ll be definitely checking this one out. Thanks for the great review Sascha! Have a happy happy day 🙂

  4. Do not use!.
    Gave me a nasty rash and spots all over my cheeks and nose and made my skin very dry.
    Would not recommend to a anyone. worst money ever spent.

    1. Oh no that’s such a shame! Thankfully I didn’t have the same problem but sorry to hear it was so rubbish for you 🙁 xx

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