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    1. Thanks Louise 🙂 I love gel eyeliner too and it’s so fantastic that they’ve brought out one in pencil form as it’s much easier to use xx

    1. Oh they’re amazing! I’m such a huge BB fan as the majority of their products seriously deliver 🙂 If you’re an eyeliner fan then this is definitely one to try xx

  1. Ive not heard of the gel pencils, only the gel in a pot. I prefer to apply dark eyeshadow with an angled brush for eyeshadow as it doesnt end up looking such a mess and I’ve had problems with pencils breaking really easily when I sharpen then (even if I only sharpen a little bit the colour tends to drop out).
    How do these react to sharpening??
    I LOVE that they come in variants other than just black or black and brown (can you tell I buy make up from high street brands?!)
    I would consider buying gel in a pot but I’m unsure as I dont wear eyeliner regularly and don’t like the inconvenience of having to wash the brush every time and concerned it could dry out quickly. Dont think these would be so much of an issue with these pencils.
    Look forward to seeing your thoughts.

    1. I think they’re designed to be very much like their infamous gel pots but in a pencil form, and from what I remember they really do deliver great, fluid pigmentation (it’s been a while since I’ve used them!), however, if you’re looking for a budget pencil alternative then the Rimmel ones are amazing, or if you don’t mind using a liquid liner with a brush applicator then I’ve just seen the new Gosh ones that come in I believe 9 different colours! xx

  2. Oh, rereading, I’m not sure these are actually gel liners-I’m not feeling very awake! but sounds like they have similar texture from what youve written.

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