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  1. I love how the lashes make your eyes look! You’re really good at applying them 🙂
    I love your lip colour! But most of all I adore your scarf! So cute!
    Have a happy day my dear!

    1. Thanks hun, it’s such a cute scarf and I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it….although I have a strong suspicion it was Primark! I’m so happy you think I’m good at applying them as I think I’ve finally got the hang of it; this time last week it was a very different story! xx

  2. Your lashes look great! I would love to be that good at applying them. If you say they’re easy to apply I might have to try them…

    1. Thanks so much Marnie! I have always been someone who struggles with applying fake lashes and I first tried conquering the strip lashes, then once I kind of got the hang of them, the individual lashes were seriously easy, so definitely worth a shot xx

  3. The eyelashes look great – I’ve recently bought some individual lashes and I cant wait to try them now! This is a really lovely look and you actually look a bit like one of my sisters in these pics! xx

    1. Thanks Guin 🙂 they really are fantastic so definitely worth trying; I think I’m going to end up using them every day as I really love the effect! xx

  4. I’m fairly lucky with my lashes but, I have to say, this has convinced me to try individual ones out. They really do look great! As an individual lash virgin, so to speak, can you tell me how long these stay on for?

    1. Thanks Ali, I am a total convert to these types of lashes now; what’s funny is that I tried them years ago but couldn’t get on with them, but I think getting to grips with strip lashes has made the whole thing a lot easier as they’re now a total breeze to apply.

      It’s interesting you should ask about the longevity as the one thing that always concerned me about fake lashes was the idea that they’d make a bid for freedom at some point which would be a bit embarrassing! However, I’ve only worn them twice so far (haven’t been out; studying hard for my MA) but both times they didn’t budge until I removed them in the evening and that was after at least 8 hours of wear. I think as long as you get them positioned right then they stay until you’ve had enough 🙂 Let me know how you get on with them xx

    2. Thanks for your reply! I’m definitely going to give them a go now so I’ll let you know how it goes x

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