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  1. How was it? Is it painful? I am actually planning to undergo laser treatment soon. I have read several laservelvet reviews about it. This will be my first time.

    1. It was mildly painful but very short-lived thankfully. I’ll be having my second treatment today and I can’t wait! xx

  2. I know this was write a while back but did you finish your treatments and how did you feel about the end result? Considering getting this done at a Sk:n clinic. Thanks

    1. So sorry for the delay Carly! I loved the treatment and it definitely reduced my hair growth, but I wouldn’t say it was worth it if you’re looking to go completely hair free – it allowed me to shave my underarms less often, but during the summer when I’m wearing sleeveless tops, I’ll still do them 1-2 times a week, and I’m not especially hairy. Hope that helps!

  3. hello,

    I understand it’s been a while since you underwent the treatment, but I am considering going through the same on my forearms as they’ve always been an issue for me! i just can’t seem to find any solid reviews and they don’t offer before and after pictures due to ‘data protection’ reasons! I have been advised to go for a minimum of 6-8 treatments for complete removal. I understand that you are saying you still have to shave after going under the lasers, I just wanted to ask how many treatments you actually had? As I was told that any under 6 would just grow back!

    If you could please let me know before I hand over all my savings to this clinic! I would be very, very appreciative 🙂

    Thank you so much for writing this up as well, you have been very helpful! 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren,

      It is a little while ago but from what I remember I had six treatments. My underarm hair has never come back to what it was, but it certainly still needs quite a bit of maintenance so on that basis I don’t think the treatments I had did enough to make me want to recommend them. I think, if you have the money, you’re better off investing in an at-home laser device – I really rate the Braun and Philips ones – as at least then you can maintain and/or top-up as you need to. Of course, things might be very different if you had 8 or 10 treatments, but based on my experience, I think you’re better off investing in an at-home device.

      Hope that helps and shout if you have any other questions xx

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