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    1. Thanks honey, the problem I’m having is staying asleep and I just can’t get around it 🙁 xx

  1. I try to have a bath before bed using some lovely lavender scented goodies and sometimes listen to a relaxation cd x

    1. Thanks so much for your suggestions. I don’t actually have a bath (only a shower) so I can’t do the bath, which is rubbish as I love baths! xx

  2. Oh my god! since last week I have had sleeplessness.. I slept at 3 am and got up at 12 pm and yeah.. my skin is mess.. I am harnessing tow red giants on my cheek :(:( will keep checking this post to see if we find a solution..

    1. It’s awful isn’t it? My sleeping has always been a bit all over the place but I’ve never struggled to actually stay asleep! Not fun xx

  3. Try a hot drink before bed, something like hot chocolate or warm milk and try to limit your time on the computer/watching TV right before you sleep.

    1. Thanks for your idea; I bought some lovely hot chocolate so I’m going to give that a try tonight! xx

  4. I’ve started going to bed later (even if I have to get up early: painful the first times but then I got used to it), and now if I’m really tired and go to bed earlier that doesn’t happen anymore…

    1. I tried that last night; for some reason I always wake between 3-4 and then I’m up no matter what time I go to bed. It’s very frustrating xx

  5. Have you tried Progress Muscle Relaxation? They have the audio on YouTube. It helps to relax you which might help your body stay asleep. I work loads so I do it if I’m super stressed or just can’t chill out! X

    1. Thanks lovely, I’ll definitely have a look and see what that’s like; I’ve been trying some hypnotherapy audio but it hasn’t had much impact so far xx

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