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  1. Well done! What an inspirational post. My makeup is all squirreled away in the bathroom cabinets, but some of it seems to jump out of me every time I open the door so I should certainly take a leaf out of your book!

    1. Ha ha 😀 I know exactly what you mean! It was tedious to get it all organised but it’s sooo much better now it is. Hope you get a chance to do it too! xx

    1. Thanks Caroline, they’re cute aren’t they? I actually drove past the shop when out with my Dad and made him drive all the way back around a busy one way circuit so I could buy it! xx

  2. You’ve inspired me to sort my stuff out. Just ordered a Mombasa case from Roo Beauty and it was half price, dont think its quite as big as yours but it was reduced from £49 to £19.99. Bargain. Am so looking forward to organising my stuff x

    1. Oh fantastic! They’re seriously good bits of kit for make-up; the fact that they can be adjusted to fit pretty much anything makes them absolutely perfect xx

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