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  1. This is such a beautiful range and I’ve loved using the rose cleansing oil, face wash & the eye cream. Thanks for linking to my post! 🙂

    Nic x

    1. On your advice I thought I would try these products, even though they are the cheapest I have ever used! I bought the Neroli oil, face brightener and day cream….and I LOVE it! Its early days yet but my skin has never looked so good. Thank you.

    2. I have tried the Neroli serum and probiotic day and night cream. Absolutely amazing results!!!! For me this is the best ever range. I have tried all the luxury brands and nothing comes close to these results. Smooth, clear and glowing skin. My new bff!.

  2. Have just used Neroli firming lifting treatment mask.Thought my face was on fire!! Perhaps not enough info given with this. Will not use it again.

    1. I too have just tried this product and have had the most unpleasant reaction. Bright red face and an unbearable feeling of heat. I think that a lot more research needs to go into this mask as I have never had an allergic reaction to any cream or face product in over forty years of beauty product use. I will never use any of this company’s products in future and would urge anyone thinking of trying this mask to be VERY careful with it!!

      1. I have just used the mask for the first time and have also had an allergic reaction to the product. My face is bright red and burning and looks like I have terrible sunburn. Did you treat your face with anything and how long did it take to calm down?

        1. Hi there. My skin did calm down within a couple of hours . I used the avene cooling spray and that seemed to help a bit . . The mask is actually really good at firming the skin but it’s the burning and redness that puts me off it . I really love the una brenan rose calming cleanser and I have recently just started using the rose pre cleanse oil . My skin is fab after these products . So I’m guessing if you have really sensitive skin to stay away for the neroli range and stick to the rose products. Hope your skin calms down. I took my mask back and they refunded me my money . Also if you can’t get the avene coling spray try maybe some aloe vera gel .

          1. I personally find the Neroli products the BEST. And I have Lupus and battle malar across my face, now isnt that the oddest thing! Perhaps its because I am an essential oil efficiando and know that Neroli is one of if not THE best anti-aging agent in nature. I cant get enough of it! I use it in my home made scrubs, creams, clay masks…you name it, Neroli goes in it. lol
            Im truly sorry you ladies had a reaction. Its too bad really.
            Onto what brought me here…lol I ran across Una’s Super Facialist Neroli Firming Night Cream at TJ Max. OMG..I wish the there would have been more !! There was just the one…and I’d never even heard of it, but the ‘Neroli’ got me…lol It was a mere 3.99 for the tub and a pea size covers my entire face, neck and declotte’ and Ill tell you what, the softness is astounding! What this product does to my 46 yr old skin is nothing short of miraculous!! When I wake up the next morning….same! SUPER soft, elastic feeling. For instance.. if rub my eye, the skin just bounces back…as opposed to staying on the side of my face for a few Or if I pull my lower lid down to get an eye booger out…it pops right back into place! usually, itll hang low for a few moments and slooooowly pull back up!
            I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been using Paulas Choice for quite some time and LOV it. Dont get me wrong….but even all of that goodness doesnt pass the lower lid eyebooger test!!!!!!!
            I find myself hitting TJ Max DAILY and just running into the skin care isle…quick look….then out…just WAITING to find it again for 4 bucks~ What a find!!!!
            And can we talk about that GLORIOUS smell!!!???? OMG!! Heaven!! I would purchase this product by the 5 gallon TUB if it came in it and I had to save a year per gallon!! LOL

    2. Oh no! So sorry to hear that guys and thanks for leaving comments to let everyone know; hope both your skins are feeling better xx

  3. These products are great on me but I’m not sure I’d recommend for sensitive skin. I have started using the Neroli Firming Serum, the Rose Day Cream and the scrub with The Sanctuary’s Youth Boosting skin has never been as smooth and glowy as it is now (I’m 28). The Firming serum does make my skin go a little red and is sightly stingy but it fades quickly. Will re-buy.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, it’s interesting how people are reacting so differently to it but it does seem to be a really popular brand xx

  4. I have been using the pre-cleansing Neroli Oil, face wash and serum. Its a good idea to double-cleanse but I almost feel the oil is too good (just check out the ingredients) to use as a first step cleanser. It feels like it should be left to soak in perhaps. The cleanser performs well but the serum has made a marked improvement in my skin; it looks finer and softer. I would definitely recommend these products.

  5. I used the Neroli firming lifting treatment mask this morning and my face quickly felt rather hot. I then looked in the mirror and my skin was bright red! I immediately washed my face with cold water but was concerned that my skin was damaged. However, 30 minutes later everything had calmed down and my skin appeared smoother. I will use the product again but be very careful how much I put on. There should be more information regarding this reaction on the packaging.

  6. I have just used the Neroli Lifting Treatment Mask and I had a very bad reaction to this product. As soon as I applied the gel my skin started tingling ever so slightly but after a few minute the feeling has become so intense that I had to remove the mask. My skin is bright red and very hot, I really hope this will completely disappear. I doubt I will use this product again and I completely agree that there should be more information regarding this reaction on the packaging.

  7. I too have just used the Neroli firming lifting treatment mask and have had a similar reaction.
    The mask felt fine when on my face, it wasn’t until I took it off that I saw my face was bright red. It looks like my skin has been badly burnt! No doubt it will go down on an hour or so although I have repeatedly been putting cold water on it. The product does not say anything about such reactions (I did look as I have sensitive skin) therefore I agree that further testing and research needs to take place with these products as the after effects are a rather horrifying site to see!

  8. I have just used the Neroli firming mask right this moment . Was going to use in my bath this evening but was so impatient after reading the past few comments about it that I had to try it . I have super sensitive skin especially on my cheeks , probably slight bit of rosacea but sometimes looks like a bit of high colouring . Well I was amazed that it didn’t tingle or make my skin hot . , my skin is a bit pinkish but that is normal with me after any type of mask that I use and know it usually calms down . My cheeks are not that pink but just below the hairline where I took the mask up to I have a red mark and it does look like a sunburn line, Very strange . It’s not sore though . Skin feels good though . Ill just keep my eye on the red mark but am surprised that the cheeks haven’t gone beetroot like some mentioned. I sprayed with avene thermal spring water and put la rochay cream on and feels fine. , i didn’t exfoliate my skin before this mask , don’t know if that makes a difference to redness or not . Will use this again as I’m sure when I out my make up on my skin will look fine but will be careful of this below hairline where the red appeared .

  9. I bought and used the NEROLI FIRMING MASK yesterday. I was looking forward to using it as the smell was really lovely. However, when I first put it on it felt lovely and cool and I thought it was really nice but then it started tingling and I thought “oh well, perhaps it’s just working it’s magic” but then it got worse and I rushed to the bathroom to rinse it off. My face was bright red with just the area around my eyes remaining white – I looked as if I had fallen asleep under a sun bed. It was very hot to the touch and I was quite scared. It eventually calmed down and I have to say that today my skin is really lovely and very soft but I think I would be wary of trying it again!

    1. Same here Fiona , I am a bit scared to use it again but did have nice results . I also used alpha h liquid gold for the first time as well , my skin also went a bit red but did calm down which I think is very normal with this product . The results were amazing , couldn’t believe my skin the next day . I think I will use the mask and the liquid gold again but not when my skin is going through a sensitive time .

      1. Kay, yes I have to agree my skin was so lovely and soft the next day – I am going to try it again but only leave it on for the minimum of 5 minutes.

  10. I had an allergic reaction to the hydrating mask. Began to burn instantly and my entire face was red for about 30 mins once i had removed it. I can’t seem to find ingredients. This happened once before with a clay mask by botanics.

  11. Hey… just tried this product an had the same reaction that some of you mentioned… burning sensation and a red face.
    I’m a bit scared… but i hope it’s temporary.

    i wonder how can they sell a product with this kind of allergic reaction and NOT PUT IT ON THE BOX!

  12. I have just discovered Una Brennan Products at Boots and wanted to say how much I love them. I’m using the Facial Wash and vitamin ‘c’ cream and I am about to go and buy the day and night creams as I am so impressed with her products.

    1. For everyone here that had this reaction to the Neroli products (probably EVERYONE) because thats what Neroli does. It pulls the blood to the surface of the skin. Bringing with it goodness!! It is NOT an ‘allergic reaction’ that your having. Grant it, there should DEFINENTLY be a warning or heads up on the containers that this oil does this….but it IS normal and NOT ‘allergic’ reactions. Its this feeling that is making your skin be so glorious the next day and even many times, directly after used! I wish Una would have or does in the future, put these details on her products containing Neroli as It would be a shame for SOO many women to miss out on this wonderful natural miracle for the skin! And something you can purchase in its neet form and put a few drops in ANY moisturizer you have…and get the same beautiful results!!

  13. Anyone know whether the products have been tested on animals or not? I’m guessing not but want to be sure.

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