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  1. This is one great haul Sascha! I’ve been loving pout paints for some time now, and Peek a bloo combined with any bright red colour, can give you the most fantastic vampy red. Do make a post with all your creations! I’d love to take some ideas!
    Happy Sunday lovely!

    1. Thanks honey! I haven’t had a chance to play around with the Pout Paints yet so I’m looking forward to trying out some new looks; I’ll definitely post if I come up with anything good! xx

  2. Hope you’ll love the Sleek palette, you should do. This has reminded me I thought I’d got the same Bourjois eyeshadow (is it all pretty and iridescent?) but I don’t think I ever picked it up.
    Lets see lots of pretty pics with the pout paints!

    1. That’s the one! It’s very white and pigmented but still very shimmery; keep forgetting to use it though…

      Will definitely do a Pout Post soon 🙂 xx

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