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    1. I know, the prices are mega; I’m terrible with skincare though, I’ll spend anything if I have enough faith in the product! xx

  1. Its amazing product for skincare.I have been believe that skincare is the best products for skin and i watched great collection of that products where you can by easily.

  2. How often do you use that treatment mask? I have very sensitive pale skin with freckles that gets often too irritated. But would like to make sure that I provide it enough nutrition also, that’s why I ask for your advice.

    1. I haven’t used it unfortunately, but with all sensitive skins it’s a good idea to tread extremely carefully; try patch testing it a couple of days before you use it for the first time. Then when you do use it, keep it on for the minimum amount of time and ease yourself in gently xx

  3. Hi thanks for the review,was wondering if you know where I can get a sample of Good Genes in the UK before buying it ? Thanks…

    1. I have no idea Annie but my guess would be if you popped into a Space NK they might be able to help or at least point you in the right direction xx

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