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  1. This is just so inspiring. I would love to see another current picture. Also like to add that cleansing from the inside out is also important. Keep going!

  2. I have just had an ‘ultimate acne facial’ at EF Medispa in London where they used blue LED light to kill bacteria including acne causing bacteria. What do think of that kind of light? Good or twaddle?

    1. Ooo good question! I have had a couple of facials with the blue lights and I’ve always found them an overall positive experience, however I don’t know if that’s the light itself or the whole facial. Having said that, I’ve used similar at-home devices in the past and always got on well with them, plus I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews of how blue light is a very gentle yet effective way of killing off certain types of acne bacteria. What do you think? Any positive results so far?

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