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  1. I absolutely loved the Super Facialist Deep Clean range so I really want to try the Hydrate range soon too. Great post hun and I’m so glad your skin is lovely and clear x

    1. I have the moisturiser from the Deep Clean and it’s fab, it’s such a great range of products and so far there isn’t anything I’ve found to be a dud, although I’ve only tried 4 so far.

      Thanks sweets, so happy about my skin! Just need to get to work on the scarring now (which isn’t half as bad as it was thankfully) so I’m thinking lots more Glycolic Acid xx

  2. I love this range and the oil is divine:) I haven’t yet given the moisture mask a go so that’s definitely on my ‘to try’ list!

  3. You’ve gotten me very curious about this range for sensitive skin.. i’s so cheap and apparently not bad at all. Is it available outside of boots too? Not from the UK here..

    1. That’s a really good point and I’m not too sure to be honest! I’ll double check next week and let you know xx

  4. Hi Sascha, I’m very tempted to try these products after reading this. It is so good to hear about products that are affordable and kind for sensitive skin. I’ve never used an oil cleanser before but I’ve always wanted to give one a try 🙂

    1. This is such a great range and there’s definitely something for every skin type. Definitely try an oil cleanser; you won’t look back as it’s the most gorgeously indulgent feeling 🙂 xx

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