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  1. This really interests me, I have such combination skin & always feel like a product that suits one part of my face is messing up the other, would be so good to know what is working and where.

    On a completely different gadget note, just wondering if you’ve tried the foreo luna?

    Liz M

    1. I haven’t yet, but it’s very much on my ‘to try’ list as I’m interested to see how it differs to other cleansing gadgets xx

      1. I just got one, don’t want to speak too soon but I think I like it. Ive always been a bit scared of the clarisonics etc because I have some rosacea, but the sensitive foreo model seems to be respecting my skin nicely. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a faddy purchase, but we’ll see! 🙂

        1. The reviews I’ve read are really positive so fingers crossed it works for your skin. I know what you mean about cleansing brushes; there’s always the fear that they’ll worsen skin problems xx

  2. This looks interesting. Shame it is so expensive though. Like you I am dry and oily at times, so this would really help I think. xx

    1. It is very expensive but it also will only ever need a battery replaced, so assuming you take good care of it, it should (in theory) last forever. It’s such a great little device xx

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