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I have to confess, I find baby products rather exciting; probably due to the fact that they’re still relatively novel to me, plus I really enjoy the idea of pampering Teddy…not that I think he notices, but beautiful baby products are designed to appeal to mum rather than the baby aren’t they? Therefore it’s safe to say that the luxurious range from TEN Baby Skincare got me extremely excited and thankfully did not disappoint.


The range so far consists of five baby products and three mum products.  The baby products are Baby Bath Milk, Baby Natural Shampoo (pictured), Baby Gentle Massage Oil (pictured), Baby Cleansing Foam and Baby Protective Diaper Cream and the mum products are Breast Care Cream, Hydration Body Cream (pictured) and Stretch Mark Prevention & Reduction Cream.  I was lucky to be sent a selection of baby products alongside the Hydration Body Cream.


I haven’t had a chance to try the cream yet, but I can share my thoughts on the baby products which were quickly ripped open from their beautiful chocolate-box-style packaging and lavished on Teddy!


First up we have the TEN Baby Gentle Massage Oil which comes in a really interesting bottle that I haven’t come across for oil before; it’s like a pump action, squirting nib that is extremely handy for one-handed use when massaging Teddy (which I’m fairly confident he doesn’t actually enjoy and instead just humours me) as obviously once you’ve started the massage, you’ll have oily hands, so having to man-handle a bottle of oil with oily hands results in an oily mess very quickly! This bottle can be stood on a counter next to you during the massage and allows for a one-handed compression of the top which is not only convenient, but a lot safer too as you’re not left with an oily bottle sliding all over the place.  The oil itself is a gentle formulation with sweet almond oil that leaves Teddy’s skin softly nourished without any greasiness.  It costs £19.80 and can be purchased from Boots here – link.


Next is the TEN Baby Diaper Cream which is the product I was most excited about as I have an inexplicable love for baby bottom butters…This is a lot thinner than I’m used to with regards to any kind of diaper cream, so when I applied it I wasn’t expecting much, but it did a seriously good job at clearing up Teddy’s mild nappy rash which was literally cleared overnight.  Obviously there’ll be two camps with feelings about this product; those who are happy to spend whatever on products for their baby, and those who feel it’s a bit pointless spending so much on a product designed to go on the bottom of a baby, both of which I understand.  My thoughts are that if you have the money, this is a great product with the key ingredient being Zinc that clears up inflammation whilst allowing the skin to breath, but if this is out of your price range then it isn’t an essential.  It’s also £19.80 here – link.


This is the most beautifully fragranced shampoo which smells exactly as baby products should; it’s like a new baby smell of cotton and innocence, it’s really wonderful and I just want to sit around inhaling Teddy’s hair post-bath.  It also really lasts as you can still smell it 24 hours later, so it’s very much my favourite product of the bunch and if you try just one thing from the range, make it this! It’s £18.90 here – link.

As you can see, the range isn’t cheap, but it’s a lovely, luxury range for baby pampering that is in no way essential, but lovely to use, wonderfully scented and brilliant for sensitive baby skin.  I’d also really recommend these as gifts for new/expecting mums as they make for absolutely perfect presents.

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