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  1. The hourglass ambient lights palette is an extra?! That brand is really expensive isnt it? Nice stuff. Ive come across the name of the site on twitter but npt actually been on it. Looks like some good stuff. Is it subscription? From what you said it looks like you can order 1 month only. Is it a surprise what you get in the box? This is the same sophie as before btw!

    1. Sorry lovely, I realise I haven’t phrased it very well but no it isn’t subscription as they do such limited quantities, so it’s first come, first served. The extras are amazing aren’t they?? I couldn’t believe that! I had everything crossed for my box, but alas, it wasn’t there 🙂 xx

  2. These boxes sound amazing, and totally passed me by! Just had a browse on the website, can you sign up for an email alert when they become available or is it just a luck think when they announce them?

    1. That’s a really good point and I did briefly look into it but didn’t manage to find an answer – I’ll e-mail their PR and see what they say xx

          1. Focusing on the savings I make by purchasing….. I mean look at it. What’s not to love? Xx

          2. People are really struggling to get in there quickly enough, apparently – so you’re going to need to move very quickly when the next box launches xx

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