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  1. Oh I am..

    Have just got one of their chocolate Orange nail polish remover pots and I’m redicously excited about changing my polish tonight xx

        1. Sounds awesome – I hope it’s a trend that catches on as I’m not sure I love the idea of chocolate orange, but something like vanilla or caramel would be goooorgeous xx

    1. It is truly fab! It’s at Beauty Mart at the moment but I think it’ll go into Bourjois counters fairly soon xx

  2. I bought this by accident thinking it was nail polish remover as it looks like it and even says 1 second per nail on the pot. I hate it. I feel so stupid and cheated as I thought it was polish remover. Why would I want to put this oily stuff on my hands?!

    1. Oh no, what a shame! I personally really love it – I think it’s such an easy way to oil your cuticles before bed, but I can see why some may not agree!

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