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  1. Nice blog…im in singapore n wondering how i can get my hands on no7 airbrush away foundation. Im a mother of 3, freelance makeup & henna artist as well as a dreamtripper ?will follw u in insta ? hv a great weekend dear.

    1. Thanks Wani! To be honest I really don’t know – I would recommend getting in touch with Boots and seeing if there’s any way to import it. Sorry I couldn’t help more xx

  2. Oh that’s beautiful! I was just wondering about this foundation and I found your blog! nice blog btw!
    And that foundation looks so nice on your skin, it looks like it will make the skin looks natural and healthy! I will give it a try soon, thanks for the review love <3 ^_^

    1. Thanks so much Jojo! These foundation drop style products as my absolute favourite when it comes to finding the right balance between a lovely, natural skin finish and buildable coverage. I really love them! xx

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