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  1. I still have a lot left over from one mask and I’m shocked at this review and not trying to be rude , you put way to much product on your lower face. I have sensitive acne prone skin with some roscea and I did a test patch & after I did the mask and I experienced nothing but excellent results. Yes it hurts but it’s peeling hair & yucky stuff that causes major build up which makes angry puffy acne. I have spots and I even did a derma rolling session yesterday which pokes holes in your face & it never ripped or caused harm to my face. I had to post this here for others to see that just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean everyone will.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for your reply. Acne is a sign of inflammation so one of the worst things you can do is use something that’s so aggressive on your face that it ends up pulling out actual hair! I would also strongly recommend against using a Dermaroller if you have active acne as it’s likely to make the problem a lot worse.

      I very much appreciate your feedback and as someone who is mask obsessed and uses many new ones each month, I can say with confidence that there are many masks that’ll deeply cleanse tricky skin without upsetting it in the fashion that the Masque Bar one does – I’m happy to recommend.

      I really like Masque Bar products but this one was a really bad one for me that taps into that horrible Instagram craze of using products that rip everything out which is not how skin should be handled; speak to any reputable dermatologist and they’ll strongly recommend against using them as there’s no way to control their impact.

      Thanks again for replying – I appreciate your feedback xx

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