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  1. This box looks to me better than most of previous ones and really tempting but I’m still unsure considering that Glossybox didn’t take my fancy before, I’m worried about consistency.

    1. I know what you mean – I think all of them can be a bit inconsistent unfortunately; it’s tricky as unless they’re packed full of big, high value items, they’re always going to please some and not others.

  2. PR samples of Glossybox always seem to get one product that’s much higher end/bigger than what’s in the actual subscriber box. One month all the PR sample boxes had eye palettes but the subscribers got temporary tattoos…

    1. That’s a real shame, sorry to hear that – do you mean the MUA palette or was there a different one? As I definitely remember seeing the MUA palette in non PR boxes.

      1. No, it was several months ago now and I have no idea what brand the palette in the pictures I saw was. I just remember we all got stick on tattoos and other disappointing stuff that month.

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