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  1. Please try not to worry. I know it is easy to say this, but most cysts are benign, I had one too and it just disappeared, yours will too, I’m sure.
    I enjoy reading your informative blogs.
    Go and give Teddy a big hug!!

  2. I can’t imagine the stress but really admire your positive attitude towards it all. I wish you the very best xx


  3. Oh, you poor love. I think the watchful waiting is a clear sign that the consultant isn’t overly worried that it’s malignant and is just being cautious.

    One of my best friends is currently battling stage 4 (terminal in other words) breast cancer. She is a single parent to a 5 year old boy. Her cancer is incurable- hopefully they can control it for many years and she will see her son grow up. She found a lump and left it a long long time before she went to the Doctors. Had she gone sooner then it almost certainly would not have spread.

    Never ever ignore possible cancer signs. It probably isn’t cancer but in the rare case that it is, like my friend, early treatment is the difference between a terminal diagnosis & a curable problem.

    Hugs sent lovely xx

  4. Oh goodness I’m so glad to read your post. I was foolish enough to check my bloods on my NHS app yesterday morning and have spent the whole weekend Googling/worrying myself sick about a slightly elevated CA125 (not helped by a video call with a private Gp yesterday who said ‘unfortunately ovarian cancer is one of those silent illnesses, by the time you get symptoms it’s usually late’). Now just to try and keep it together until I see the gynaecologist …..

    1. Hi Liza,

      Thanks so much for your comment and so sorry you’re having a rough time – a raised CA125 is very scary and I’m so glad you were reassured by my post. My raised levels turned out to be due to Endometriosis, but any kind of (even mild!) inflammation around that area can cause the levels to rise, so please try not to worry, easier said than done, I know! If you need anything or want to talk more about it then please do e-mail me at geek @ (without the spaces.) Hope you get a chance to speak to your doctor soon xx

      1. Had mu ca125 in nove was 18 6 months later it’s now at 41 however I did have it on the second day if my mental cycle so hoping it’s just elevated due to period hormones and that everything is ok

        1. Hi, thanks so much for your comment and so sorry you’re experiencing a scary time. I believe that 41 is only a little bit high (I think the cut off is either 30 or 35) so hopefully it’s nothing; lots of things outside of Cancer cause a raised CA125. I have just come off the Cancer Pathway for the 7th time in 10 years and I still don’t have cancer, so please try not to worry! xx

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