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  1. I bought the XL brush when it came out a few weeks ago and love it for the mornings when I am in a hurry to get ready for work. I apply my moisturiser, foundation and powder and finally blush all with the one brush . No more faffing around selecting brushes and then only one brush to clean up ! Win win win !

    1. They are such fantastic brushes – I honestly just want to load up on loads of them so I can use them for everything!

  2. I remember reading about both of these collections a couple of months back on a blog over the pond. I would love to get the lip set soon. When I have some spare cash. xD

    1. Honestly I am RT obsessed – I’ll find a way to get my hands on all their releases as they’re just so good! xx

      1. I know Superdrug had some in their sale recently! 😀 Maybe go and have a look! See what bargains you can grab! 😀

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